As the rightist Leader Age’s gracefully

Ive always been confused between choosing a forum,Group-political,nonpolitical.. Little orators & real do’ers exist around us with rock solid agendas & a equally strong will to enable a better livelihood for us all around & stand true to their promises.

Amidst the dilemma of choosing to stand by a political party,has bee shivsena,for the many reason ive heard & seen them at work with the able Guidance of the founder Shri Balasaheb Thakrey. As has been a yearly routine with Shivsena,Dasera melava(the Annual gathering of Shivsena) stood the test of lacs of ppl occupying Shivaji park for the last 46 odd years only to hear Bal Thakrey guide them.

This year however was distinguished with the non-presence of Bal thakrey,the video message broadcasted during the meeting though. The leader is always looked 4wd to owing to his Straight forwardness,pro-Marathi-Hinduism in true sense. The Video showed the 86year old Man speaking his heart out about the regret of not being in the pink of health 7 hence inability to attend the meet.his views of the ongoing Scam-Streams & what of what. All convincing in sharp hardhitting words as always.

The once (& even now) Charismatic Leader-Orator talked way to above par for his Age,yet leaving his lakhs of followers in the moment of sadness as he described his falling health & in a way bid a Good bye to his  fans calling for support & loyalty from the people around for the work done.Way to emotional & touching for much of the Rightists for the support to enable the religion thrive amidst the Votebankers during the bad times created by anti-socialists & many more reasons. No (no cases filed,no allegations, existing) involvement in Scams being a prominent one therein.


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Well,If the Question is “What Motorcycling means to me”

The answer to this Question would be a question for your Consideration,here is how it Goes,

What do you do when you are Bored,have lots of  Leisure time in tow,or want to celebrate some event [eg. exams completion], feeling real low,or want to arrange a meetup of friends or Just a evening when the Couch & its mate TV seem to bore you??

I make a few calls,text,get like-minded buddies along n off we go on a long ride on my bike-The ZMR  [read Ride not drive]

^this solely should put in perspective “What motorcycling means to me”,but that’s not all,Allow Me..

Going Places

The first time we ventures out on bike was to Raigad,n that was not out of option but out of compulsion.the saga of student life,always short of Vitamin M,parental NOC,etc etc.Hence the low cost per km with passion & CD Dawn it was what was opted for.n it proved to be a deciding ride[just like a perspective for Biking Pre raigad ride & the other post ride][around 250km return]All of us loved the ride though was energy-wise  bit taxing.We vowed that for the next new years it would be Premium bikes & a better far off Destination, Zma & t’bird it was for tarkarli.& again this was a Awesome experience.Since then theres no looking in the rearview mirror 😉

Pune has been a catalyst in boosting our riding ventures, it surrounding have amazed us for years & yet they continue to do so..

Go lonavala’wards [n number of times ] & tell me if it was a boring ride,

Get offroading to Rajmachi,

Set towards Amby valley route,

visit the tiger valley on a night ride,

then The Varandha Ghat patch,The satara’wards NH4. or the ride to lavasa n much more.

Comfort quotient vs. Trill of unbound[4 wheels vs 2wheels]←

We Did Tarkarli[450 odd km] on Bikes n then we did Goa[500 odd km ] in a Car,each of the genre has its fan following.For me the Bike ride leverages the fun of getting to the destination.

Firstly: Its the Gush of Air that sinks into the Cranium n provokes the “adrenalin producing glands” w/o any foriegn intoxication {Exaggeration you think it is?huh? Well,it really is not.n if you thought otherwise ur not one amoung the breed}

And:  Each man is inherently different,but then much like-minded folks make Bikers,On a monsoon outing,one of us may be stuck at the sight of any of the Natures wonders;howsoever petty be it,that others may not generally take a note of,  when riding you just get off tarmac,park your bike,click the shots you desired n again race off to cope up with others,when in Car,the comfort kicks in the sluggishness,it really does,n then there is the jargon ‘Group consensus’ to be dealt with..

And also: there have been sane people doing rounds of the earth,yes Earth I said soaking into the pleasures of varied n anonymous cultures,strange people n the sightseeing along the journey? If you’d declared them Insane/jobless people You’d like to check out these links; Charley thruman;Evan mcgregor [Both Hollywood actors]wont be by any chance be classified as insane.

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the car windows ”

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For me,I just opted for it [Biking] by mere chance & have fallen for it.I ride to get the taste of the Cutting at a faroff anonymous tapri,for knowing where the unknown roads lead to,for Getting to know the unknown that is new each single time.

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n yes, “Whatever it is, it’s better in the wind”