MVAT/Sales tax registration procedure walkthrough

We all encounter Situations which require a Careful adherence to the Statutory requirements in order to get required registrations/meet timely & orderly compliance’s of Statutes affecting us. Starting a series on write-ups of the statutory bumps I encounter during the course of daily Business. These Walkthroughs are aimed at help the interested gain a basic insight of what would be the position when one intends to comply applicable statutory requirements.

  This information is intended to help form initial view of the required & may be prone to errors.

MVAT/Sales Tax registration.

a) Registration is required by,

1. Mandatory registration: Where the Sales turnover from 1st April of the year first crosses Rs.5,00,000/- and value of taxable goods sold or purchased by him during the year is not less than Rs.10,000/-

2.Voluntary registration:Any person may apply for voluntary registration by depositing Rs.25,000/- towards taxes in advance.This amount shall be adjusted against taxes payable by him during the year. Any amount of advance not adjusted during the year will be refunded back to the Dealer.[A person desirous of Issuing VAT Invoice for seeking input Vat credit may opt for this scheme]

b) Registration Required?Apply within..

Person requiring to be registered mandatorily must apply within 30 days from the day on which his turnover crosses the specified limit. The successor or assignee of the business must apply within 60 days of the date of preceding registered dealer or within 60 days of transfer of business.  An applicant has and can to collect taxes from purchaser as soon has he crosses the specified limit. He need not to wait for making application and allotment of registration number. After the registration number, also called TIN (Taxpayers Identification Number) is allotted he has to file periodic return of sale and deposit the amount of tax collected/payable along with the Challan.

c) Procedure Apply on the mahavat website via e-registration [ All application for Registration in Form 101 shall be made online at mahavat website. Online application have to be made after 1-10-2009. Paper application will not be accepted after this date]  MVAT WEBSITE

The Details:

The applicant : The application for registration to be signed by :

1.Proprietary Business: Proprietor

2.Partnership firm : Any partner

3. Company : Any Director/Manager/Authorized person

4. HUF : Karta of HUF

Fees Payable: Fee to be paid in challan No.210 to any nominated Nationalized Banks.

Registration Fee : Rs. 500/- (For Regular Registration)

: Rs.5000/ (For Voluntary Registration)

Deposit : Rs. Nil (For Regular Registration)

: Rs.25000/-(For Voluntary Registration)

Documents required :

1. Proof of PAN i.e Copy of Income Tax Assessment Order having PAN mentioned on it or copy of PAN card. In case of Proprietary business, PAN of Proprietor is required ; in case of partnership business,: PAN of partnership firm and of all partners is required,

2. Two latest Passport sized Photographs of the Applicant

3. Demand Draft for payment of Registration Fees and deposit of advance sales-tax in case of voluntary registration, demand draft shall be in name of “State Bank of India A/c. MVAT” and payable at respective location. The demand draft for registration shall be for Rs.500/- in case of Mandatory registration and for Rs.5,000/- in case of Voluntary Registration. Deposit for voluntary registration is Rs.25,000/-

4.Application must be in business name even for proprietary business

5.Leaf of cancelled cheque as proof of Bank Account.

6.Proof of constitution of business, like Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership firm, Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association in case of company and in case of other persons necessary document of formation/constitution.[No proof required for proprietary business]

7.Proof of permanent residential address : at-least any two of the following

a. Copy of ration card,

b. Copy of passport,

c. Copy of driving licence,

d. Copy of election photo identity card,

e. Copy of property card or latest receipt of property tax of Municipal Corporation / Council / Gram-panchayat as the case may be,

f. Copy of latest paid electricity bill in the name of the applicant. In case of partnership firm, proof of residence has to be provided for all partners shall be required and  in case of body corporate, proof of residence of applicant shall be only required.

8. Proof of place of business :

a) In case of ownership premises, Proof of ownership of premises, viz. copy of property card or ownership deed or agreement with the builder or any other relevant documents.

b) In case of tenant / sub-tenant : Proof of tenancy / sub tenancy like copy of tenancy agreement or rent receipt or leave and licence or consent letter, etc

9. Statement of Turnover in case of mandatory registration,

10. Introduction from either,

a.Chartered accountant,

b..Other MVAT registered dealer who is holding valid registration certificate continuously for five year,

c Advocate,

d.cost accountant.

e.Sales Tax Practitioner

[Disclaimer: All details mentioned herein are from a ‘student in the learning’ perspective,the same may not be in sync with recent updates & advancements. Hence final reference on any related issue be made to prescribed websites/Books]


ғor тнe иєω υnĸnown

Well,If the Question is “What Motorcycling means to me”

The answer to this Question would be a question for your Consideration,here is how it Goes,

What do you do when you are Bored,have lots of  Leisure time in tow,or want to celebrate some event [eg. exams completion], feeling real low,or want to arrange a meetup of friends or Just a evening when the Couch & its mate TV seem to bore you??

I make a few calls,text,get like-minded buddies along n off we go on a long ride on my bike-The ZMR  [read Ride not drive]

^this solely should put in perspective “What motorcycling means to me”,but that’s not all,Allow Me..

Going Places

The first time we ventures out on bike was to Raigad,n that was not out of option but out of compulsion.the saga of student life,always short of Vitamin M,parental NOC,etc etc.Hence the low cost per km with passion & CD Dawn it was what was opted for.n it proved to be a deciding ride[just like a perspective for Biking Pre raigad ride & the other post ride][around 250km return]All of us loved the ride though was energy-wise  bit taxing.We vowed that for the next new years it would be Premium bikes & a better far off Destination, Zma & t’bird it was for tarkarli.& again this was a Awesome experience.Since then theres no looking in the rearview mirror 😉

Pune has been a catalyst in boosting our riding ventures, it surrounding have amazed us for years & yet they continue to do so..

Go lonavala’wards [n number of times ] & tell me if it was a boring ride,

Get offroading to Rajmachi,

Set towards Amby valley route,

visit the tiger valley on a night ride,

then The Varandha Ghat patch,The satara’wards NH4. or the ride to lavasa n much more.

Comfort quotient vs. Trill of unbound[4 wheels vs 2wheels]←

We Did Tarkarli[450 odd km] on Bikes n then we did Goa[500 odd km ] in a Car,each of the genre has its fan following.For me the Bike ride leverages the fun of getting to the destination.

Firstly: Its the Gush of Air that sinks into the Cranium n provokes the “adrenalin producing glands” w/o any foriegn intoxication {Exaggeration you think it is?huh? Well,it really is not.n if you thought otherwise ur not one amoung the breed}

And:  Each man is inherently different,but then much like-minded folks make Bikers,On a monsoon outing,one of us may be stuck at the sight of any of the Natures wonders;howsoever petty be it,that others may not generally take a note of,  when riding you just get off tarmac,park your bike,click the shots you desired n again race off to cope up with others,when in Car,the comfort kicks in the sluggishness,it really does,n then there is the jargon ‘Group consensus’ to be dealt with..

And also: there have been sane people doing rounds of the earth,yes Earth I said soaking into the pleasures of varied n anonymous cultures,strange people n the sightseeing along the journey? If you’d declared them Insane/jobless people You’d like to check out these links; Charley thruman;Evan mcgregor [Both Hollywood actors]wont be by any chance be classified as insane.

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the car windows ”

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For me,I just opted for it [Biking] by mere chance & have fallen for it.I ride to get the taste of the Cutting at a faroff anonymous tapri,for knowing where the unknown roads lead to,for Getting to know the unknown that is new each single time.

This post is a “The Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest” entry on

Bike  powered by Castrol Power1 racing engine oil;

Post powered by Castrol page at

n yes, “Whatever it is, it’s better in the wind”

Long Way Round

long way round
Evan Mcgregor,Charlie Burman

Remember me my love, I’m the one you’re dreaming of.
Going for a ride, I’ll keep you warm inside.
I’m Gonna roll up the sidewalk, I’m gonna tear up the ground.
Comin’ round to meet you, The long way round.

Bah, Bah – rah – rah – rah! etc.

Sooner or later, I’ll get me off this track.
Gotta do what it is that I do and then I’m – coming back.
Got sun in my face, sleeping rough on the road.
I’ll tell you all about it, when I get home.
Gonna roll up the sidewalk, I’m gonna tear up the ground.
Comin’ round to meet you, The long way round.

Bah, Bah – rah – rah – rah! etc.


-the title track lyrics of one of my favorite travel shows ever

अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!


वृक्ष हों भले खड़े
हों घने, हों बड़े
एक पत्र छाँह भी
मांग मत! मांग मत! मांग मत!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

तू न थकेगा कभी
तू न थमेगा कभी
तू न मुड़ेगा कभी
कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

यह महान दृश्य है
चल रहा मनुष्य है
अश्रु-स्वेद-रक्त से
लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!
-Harivansharai Bachchan

Even if there be trees (around)
shady and huge,
for the shade of a single leaf
don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask..
(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire..

You will never stop,
You will never halt,
You will never turn,
Take this oath, take this oath, take this oath
(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire..

It’s a great scene,
The man is walking,
in tears, sweat, and blood,
soaked, swathed,
(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire.

The south Goan getaway

As we travelled through the ghat section post margao,the last lap of our journey to get the destination South Goa.Murmurs n dissents had started to occupy the little left space in the wagon full of 6 men. The dissent resolution raised by Mr.Kabra, “Calangute,Baga,mapusa chod kar hum kaha niche ja rahe hai, ek din dekhte naito kal upar ayenge,Tito’s,sab log toh udhar hi hote hai” was seconded silently by a majority.*silently* i say coz of  the 4 at aback of wagon n sleepy n tired hangover,no one was in much mood to give it a thought 🙂 By then I too had started getting the Feeling if this place isnt what ive read,m gonna get some words from the gang..

At around 12pm,the first sight of the “Palolem beach” put all the mixed emotions of the 6minds to rest,n put to lead was the agenda of finding a Good shack.


If it isnt the Hanging garden fruit of ‘Are we going or not’ it wont taste sweet to us. But this time around to add to the predeparting chaos; When it was almost a 12hr window to scheduled departure as earlier decided was left to the mercy of the Indian rail,

To explain it further let me introduce to the 6 inhabitants of the Wagon

a Abhay G. & a Deepak K. & a Girish Z*read Ambu* & a Mohan*read Monya* & me. >all Pune’kars

the 6th man was already off from Chandigarh the earlier day on The Pune bound Zhelum express scheduled to arrive Pune arnd 5th noon.Running around 4 hours behind schedule & a ‘False seat confirmation’  blunder in the army quota caused severe fatigue to the arriving man Krishna R. So much that he was almost into a state of denial after not having slept during the journey.Somehow he relented n hence picked him from the station to drop him home,n myself after a long tense day with the sudden interview call.With a ‘we leave @9pm’ parting note,By the time we all made it to our respective homes it was 7pm. hurried thru the bag packing n off we were via Katraj
*goes to gmap to map the travel trail* n here 😉

вy d way↔

The events in their chronological order of occurrence was the rear seat down,bags tucked in all corners of wagonr,sleeping bag as cushion.get the needfuls for the journey n all 4 spread.Krishna to the wheel.1st stop came at Amruta garden post Khambatki ghat.3 designated drivers for the Wagon,n hence the other 3 had thier ample reason to happiness.A hour ahead of loud music n karaoke It was 2 down *literally* Post the 1st Toll post after Satara,it was all laughs till the stomach hurt,n 1 had the other1 almost coax to eat the raw egg while having halted for tea. Ya,i know!but the mood *i wont say ‘hangover’ here* with all besties is 3rd world. After kolhapur came n a gas refill arnd 4 am,Ambu took to the wheel with all silence in the car,n a quality tar stretch passing Nipani reaching Belgaum arnd 5.30. Tea stop n me to the wheel as we left NH4 n entered Belgaum city to take the road via Khanapur via the anonymous ghat n into Ponda,Goa.passing Margoa Palolem came around 11.30am

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dєstínαtíσn pєrfєct↔

Palolem has been rightly mentioned by travellers as the ‘Laidback capital of Goa’,True it is with the most no. of foreign backpackers amoung which the russian count seemed prominent.The Beach is a semi-crescent shaped scape ending in hillocks on its ends & a few islands adjoining the Beach.Given the quantum of Foreign crowd,shacks adjoining the beach cost anything between 1k to 5k a day which again were difficult vacancy.We found ours at 1.5k a day for 2 rooms which was a 200mtr inside,not sea facing hence the Bargain.

Dαÿ1& 2↔

Lunch made the aging afternoon turn into evening post the ‘tenents’ charge,such was the slow speed of service at the super-duper overpriced restaurants.Which was impliedly to be taken that the place was meant for the Gora’s. a walk arnd the beach arnd sunset n the sight was as besides

The diner again lasted for long 2-2.5hrs,by the time we all were done we had watched the ‘Hangover2’ playing there n started on with Xmen. All piled up,the elcharo alike did no good.Me n deepak retired into our rooms post 2am after the obvious lukkhapanti.But the 4 stayed up until 3-4am learned conversing sans-russian,looking upto the 3mermaids n the best man n all untellable tales 😀

Next day a roam around the beach,n stumbling into the ‘Guaranteed Dolphin sight’ assurance by the local all hopped onto the hodi with reserve’s.N the sighting was abundant n captured thru the lens of Nikon D3000.The 1-1.5 hour hungover ride was much remembrance to me,ambu n krsna as the ill timed act of swimming underwater across the boat n then being down there n getting the feelin that its almost land n getting sandwitched betwn sand n boat bottom. *scary thought* Again by the time lunch n allied culminated,it was evening..a roam arnd in the market n misc.,now was after almost 30 odd hrs that the car was retrieved from the parking for a monetary n fluid stock-up from a nearby place. Again Dinner got us past 12am.                                       3am odd we were retired into our rooms after a 5-6 km walk along the complete perimeter of the halfcircle beach to stumble upon many ‘firsttime’ things.One of such The Open air pub full of foriegners at 3am in the morning located quite a walk from the central beach place. Mind you this palolem has everythng for whosoever n whatsoever tourists desire.

Dαÿ 3↔

Post the morning chores,back on the beach n found the kayak renting guy n got into action.How right i was in insisting  1kayak-1person thing was on exibhit just after we were asail.With all the lack of sync,the kayak refused to budge n then kept circling in tune with the waveforms.After things were sorted digging the oars right seemed a mighty task owing the c/f fatigue.All in all was a fun ride,thugh this was the 2nd time handling a kayak,this time getting technique aware was taking of Kayaks n a bit of lesson learned should the hrishikesh rapids come to mind !!?yesh,wat a adreline rush it must be.


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Okie,back to goa n off from gao after a few belo’s n keep walking in the wagon hind.Krishna to the wheel n me co-pax,all rock n rolla at the back n the interesting stories were absolut entertainment n stomach aching laughs,n ofcourse karaoke,n throwups were company.Lunch was at calangute on deepak’s insistence n he didnt eat any of the veg. 😀 just to the restruant n back,no one bothred to check on the crowded beach that was just a few mtrs away from the eating place,such was the spell of ‘keep woking’.Calangute ended in a uncalled for roughup ending up in a torn shirt at our end. 😀 it happened that a person was sleeping inthe parking such that the wagon couldnt be retrieved.Abhay was ‘High’ly agitated by this n stumbled upon him n the rest happened. The easy border crossings,police haltups,Checkposts,Toll waivers were all in credit to the ARMY badge on the wagon & the army-police ‘bhaichara’.Pune came arnd 4am.

राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..

राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..
मराठी माणूस विसरून चाललाय
आपले मराठी पण

राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..








मराठी माणूस आपला विसरून
स्वाभिमान जगतोय क्न्हुन
राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..

स्वराज्य तुम्ही उभ केलत
तोरण्याचा पाया खणून
पण हे विसरून , मराठी माणसाचे
मराठीपण बसलय लपून
राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून ….






पैसा – पैसा करतोय हर एक मनुष्य
आपले लबाडपण दडवून
राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..

कायदा फसलाय मोठ्याच्या घरात
कारण तिथे असते पैशांची वरात
म्हणून कायदा खातोय त्यांचा चारा
कारण त्यांच्या भोवती लागलाय पैशांचा पहारा
आणि यात जातोय गरीब मरून
राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..

तुमच्या काळात मराठी मावळा
मनी ठेवायचा विचार ” जिंकू किवा मरू ”
पण आजचे काही मराठी संपून चाललेत पिऊन दारू
आणि आम्ही हे पाहतोय केवळ डोळे भरून
राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..









तुम्ही उभ केलत मराठी साम्राज्य
कपाळी आई भवानीचा मळवट भरून
एवढे गड जिंकले कपाळी भंडारा माखून
आणि कइक मावळ्यांचे रक्त सांडून
पण आज मराठी माणूस हे
विसरत चाललाय पैशाचा मोह धरून
राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..

तुम्ही नसता तर, उभ राहिला
नसत आज मराठीपण
मग कसा राहिला असता आज
मराठी माणूस मान वर करून
आणि हेच नेमक तो चाललाय विसरून
राजे केवळ तुम्ही नाहीत म्हणून …..

म्हणून राजे तुमच्या चरणी एकच प्रार्थना
याव तुम्ही पुन्हा जन्माला !
आणि सांगावा अर्थ मराठी माणसाला
आपल्या मराठी पणाचा !

Raigad Shivaji Maharaj Statue

tσ rαjmαchí σn 2whєєls

Been long since posted on the blog,however had a travelogue[a piclog to be specific] on visit to the Shivardhan fort via rajmachi on Bike in the rains,the Road & the rain need a special mention..

The road:there actually isn’t any,the mud trail however is much sludgy & watery,thus making it a perfect trek route…We decided & made it to ther on bike..

The rains: Rajmachi owing to its location adjacent to Lonavala witnesses really heavy rains at times with uninturepted rains during monsoon..What we experienced on our climb down were rains affecting visibility 10 feet ahead;Water gushing vertically & such that it hurt and we were forced to take shelter aside the bike..

Link to the travelogue on BCMtouring-