Celebrating being Indian #66thRepublicDay

Last you heard ‘Aye mere Watan ke logo’? Heard it playing at some Public place at the last 15th Aug or 26th Jan? Yes, same here.

Returned home today to visuals of Burf Khalifa being lit up in tricolour being played on the Television.  Felt proud as a Indian. Yes, coz like most of us, I take things at face value and Tricolour being the colour of Burj Khalifa- The tallest building in the world is some thing, some big thing. Not clear as to what that big thing tangibly means- India getting among the prominent world countries such that countries take cognizance of its important public dates, reciprocation of the good deed of India of inviting the Prince of UAE as chief guest for this Republic Day function this year.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve grown to acknowledge that India is a great country. Having seen RDB (Rang de Basanti)Madhavan in Rang De Basanti exactly 10 years ago; The punch :
‘Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota … usse behtar banana padta hai” still echos.
Agree; Its an 100 +ve’s thriving around pulled back by 50 odd -ve’s. Are we among the 100 or the -50’s? Coz the Government I voted for is taking no stone unturned to get rid of these -50’s.
And Im proud for having voted for this government, for having such great leaders.
I’m proud of the freedom I enjoy in this country.
I’m proud of the great values we have as Indians.
I’m proud of our combined history as India.

Not that this republic day is different than the one celebrated each year. But this year have had a chance to visit Kashmir-Ladakh-Border side, the areas where India exists thanks to the Army, BSF,CRPF, this year I feel the need for explicit celebrations of being part of this great republic. The effort and lives our fellowmen invested/invest to guard the borders need a special mention.
There are a lot of things that make our country less great- the caste/region divide, Kashmir issue, corruption, and another tens of things. But how about celebrating the feeling of being constituent of a Republic- A place where your say has value, it is heard and considered.

Penned while ‘Aye mere watan ke logo’ played in the background. #Lyrics 

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ғor тнe иєω υnĸnown

Well,If the Question is “What Motorcycling means to me”

The answer to this Question would be a question for your Consideration,here is how it Goes,

What do you do when you are Bored,have lots of  Leisure time in tow,or want to celebrate some event [eg. exams completion], feeling real low,or want to arrange a meetup of friends or Just a evening when the Couch & its mate TV seem to bore you??

I make a few calls,text,get like-minded buddies along n off we go on a long ride on my bike-The ZMR  [read Ride not drive]

^this solely should put in perspective “What motorcycling means to me”,but that’s not all,Allow Me..

Going Places

The first time we ventures out on bike was to Raigad,n that was not out of option but out of compulsion.the saga of student life,always short of Vitamin M,parental NOC,etc etc.Hence the low cost per km with passion & CD Dawn it was what was opted for.n it proved to be a deciding ride[just like a perspective for Biking Pre raigad ride & the other post ride][around 250km return]All of us loved the ride though was energy-wise  bit taxing.We vowed that for the next new years it would be Premium bikes & a better far off Destination, Zma & t’bird it was for tarkarli.& again this was a Awesome experience.Since then theres no looking in the rearview mirror 😉

Pune has been a catalyst in boosting our riding ventures, it surrounding have amazed us for years & yet they continue to do so..

Go lonavala’wards [n number of times ] & tell me if it was a boring ride,

Get offroading to Rajmachi,

Set towards Amby valley route,

visit the tiger valley on a night ride,

then The Varandha Ghat patch,The satara’wards NH4. or the ride to lavasa n much more.

Comfort quotient vs. Trill of unbound[4 wheels vs 2wheels]←

We Did Tarkarli[450 odd km] on Bikes n then we did Goa[500 odd km ] in a Car,each of the genre has its fan following.For me the Bike ride leverages the fun of getting to the destination.

Firstly: Its the Gush of Air that sinks into the Cranium n provokes the “adrenalin producing glands” w/o any foriegn intoxication {Exaggeration you think it is?huh? Well,it really is not.n if you thought otherwise ur not one amoung the breed}

And:  Each man is inherently different,but then much like-minded folks make Bikers,On a monsoon outing,one of us may be stuck at the sight of any of the Natures wonders;howsoever petty be it,that others may not generally take a note of,  when riding you just get off tarmac,park your bike,click the shots you desired n again race off to cope up with others,when in Car,the comfort kicks in the sluggishness,it really does,n then there is the jargon ‘Group consensus’ to be dealt with..

And also: there have been sane people doing rounds of the earth,yes Earth I said soaking into the pleasures of varied n anonymous cultures,strange people n the sightseeing along the journey? If you’d declared them Insane/jobless people You’d like to check out these links www.longwayround.com; www.2ridetheworld.com Charley thruman;Evan mcgregor [Both Hollywood actors]wont be by any chance be classified as insane.

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the car windows ”

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For me,I just opted for it [Biking] by mere chance & have fallen for it.I ride to get the taste of the Cutting at a faroff anonymous tapri,for knowing where the unknown roads lead to,for Getting to know the unknown that is new each single time.

This post is a “The Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest” entry on Indiblogger.in

Bike  powered by Castrol Power1 racing engine oil;

Post powered by Castrol page at www.facebook.com/CastrolBiking

n yes, “Whatever it is, it’s better in the wind”

>roadtrip Tarkarli-Devbagh

Hurt ur Butt,soak in the voilent winds,all on 2wheels!!

▬ Origination▬

Dat day surprisingly woke up ½ late post the Scheduled time @ 4am,the excitement has never let us sleep on time on d preceding night of the outings…

the morning Conversation>..Mom peeps in n asks “Kiti wajta uthnares?”… ” D only abvious reaction in the semisleepy-awake state Shit*shit*shit.Ata shivya khanar… mazya mule ushir honar…Checked d Cell,as expected miscalls had showed up :l… Mohan was on time,Ambu was running late[slight relief];), sent out msgs n got out of the house @ 05.30 instead of d scheduled 5.00 am.the drive thru the city to reach Chandni Chowk (Pune‘s gateway to the mighty NH4) to get along with Mohan coming via the Highway from Dehu.

▬ by d way ▬

@ around 6.10 Mohan & me on the Zma,Girish n the luggage container @ d t’bird…A fuel topup 2 Khed Shivapur,still dark around,Chilly cold..scarce vehicles on NH4[more specific ‘almost’ no 2wheelers,except for local commuters] Sprinting t’brd @ an avg of 80kmph,n Zma@ 100kmph…the morning loss of time was almost made up…Everything that was less visible due to the fog just seemed to pass by,…Dat was the might of the the ‘Desi’Power byks,speed was effortless…Power Showsup when its der,It really does,in a gud way.We hada long day ahead…:)

Reaching Satara @arnd 9.30 n halting for a bite near Atit(post satara)..The travel of 120kms just zipped by shivering n tweeting abt locations sitting pillion.. Back to the saddles,Zipping past everything[almost evrythin..;Swifts,Scorpios never dissapoint der owners on hiways,dey r damn faster,n d B9R’s]….

Kolhapur came around 11am[Would have come earlier;razz pitstop b4 kolhapur considered:):)] Getting out of the City was  ‘a pain in the as*’ with the road to Radhanagari Closed for work..the alternative route was a bumpy makeshift road;Redid our plan: It was too early for Lunch,continued on the way.. the SH 116 to Radhanagari..A picturesue 2lane road along the sugarcane belt,The Road was intersting[yeah,i say dat coz untravelled raods are hardly tiring;they sure have thier own beauty]

A fuel stop b4 radhanagari to feed the dragons; n next v wer q’d up looking for a nice Eating place….(Radhanagri to me seemed to be a small town blessed to be surrounded by Jungles on its Sides;D Dajipur,n radhanagri..A nice calm little town)Demarking The Western Maharashtra from the Konkan)

It was “Om Sai Hotel” in Radhanagari,a simple nice hotel hidden in the hind of a garage…Served Super tasty Mutton n Solcurry,When on outings,A Tasty-Quality meal is all a roadie expects to cheer its stomach:)… After the filling meals,We contined to tread along the SH 116 through dense forest covered roads[The road is thru Radhanagari,Dajipur n Bison Sanctuaries] the Small town of Kankavali came @ around 5pm…[no risks:Monus contentions..Lets stock up!!postponed after assurances from locals about availablities in Malvan] n we cruise on..the butts had started  to give in by now:)

The route Until now: Pimpri-University-Chandni Chowk-Shirwal-Satara-Karad-Kolhapur-Rankala talav-Radhanagri-Ponda Ghat-Kankavali

The Route ahead:: Kankavali-a small stretch of NH17-Kasal—n den….Nakabandi(Police Checkpost)…

N they made a Signal to make a stop..We Complied..[Just wonderin if we hadnt cared to stop then,they had no means to follow n get us:P]But we had all things in place,Ask Questions,check Doc’s,n lastly list down names in some of their record register..the Cop making  the entries could hardly understand our words,hold his pen right…He was in a true  31st vibe.. all drunk!! 😀

..N into malvan @ 5.30 Malvan had things to offer 😛 put in nice words Malvan could well satisfy us:)…A stopover in malvan,n we started to head devbagh-wards… The road seemed very populated now,all the people out on thier 31st outings had almost culminated to thier places…treading thru the ‘signature’ konkani narrow,singlelane roads…passing through a blanket of green on both side,across the roadside shrubs,just few metres was the Arabian n on the other the back waters of River Karli !!Guesthouses were on offer all over the place along the road enroute devbagh..V had ours done @ the RTNEonline,The Gananyak resort,Devbagh…After luking thru many options,v’d zeroed down to Gananayak’s..N yes,after a long days journey,wen every part of ours seemed to hurt,rationally all we hoped that we get a Quality place as descibed in the brochure,nice setting,relaxed,next to the beach!!!We got to the place,n “WE Were’nt dissapointed”

The place seemed awsum @ first sight…Just nice..wohowoo…it was going to be a long night ahead:);) Got the luggage in place,n here v goooo…The 1st time we sat around the table,n ******….all the pain n ruggedness had gone all in line…Only until now had i felt if i was betrayed,saying beach was just a 2min walk from the place;On enquiry wid Kanchan’ji[owner of gananayak resort]he let along his collegue to show us the road to beach,n yup..it was just/hardly 2 minutes walk from der,@ night on the beach seemed a bit frightening to me with the water making all noise,

n NO ONE other than 3 o’ us on the beach..cud say it was a private beach,more specifically..its the fishermens village,n its their parking bay out der..all boats lined up…All dark,Some light in trawlers flickering over the Horizon…the sound of Waves colliding against the shore….Just the pleasant feel u get just when u stay der,doing nothing… Back to the resort,v had company from Mumbai,dey wer a 9-10 boys just around our age…Just out of conversations u make when u r high…it didnt take much time until v all wer a group..Sitting @ two opposite tables,relaxing in the hammocks, & & the Xylo was our Sound Rack for The Night…It made our 31st!!The 1200wats wer just loud enough for the quiet Seaside for all the Masti n Dance,n Madness:D happen until 2am..Sheer undescribable FUN!! ‘Happy new year 2011’ in Devbagh distym!!

▬2011 set a’sail▬

The 31st concluded with a mention of a call of police patrol nearing the place…v wer playing loud music{courtesy:xylo :P}Hoax or True,we didnt really stay up to find out nor wer v bugged by any interuptions…Into our rooom n off! @ 2am! 1st morning all woke up heavy headed,heading out of the room wer greeted by the Boat-wala guy..[Prologue:V wer looking for a Dolphin ride early morning,n had talked abt it wid the ppl der,n dis guy had come up coz hed had a family n he’d  take us along in d same boat]

Did a part of the morning chores n hurried withe the boatwala..The family was already waiting..Into the small fishermans boat converted into a tourist boat for space to accomodate 10ppl. with a hood n Engine,around 20 minutes ride n we were into the sea moving along the Karli backwaters..to the estuary n into the sea..No sign of the Dolphins thou..roam around @ d places wer dey had shown up recently ..but in Vain..V wer l8,there was no sight of Dolphins in here[The morning sun was shining bright  by now,going by the locals say Dolphins r ‘mostly’ seen in mornings b4 the sun heats up d waters n also the winds should be passive]Both if’s wer in our against,hence Dolphins not showing up was scientifically ruled down…The DOLPHIN boat ride …Changing places all over the boat,snapping pics…On the way back the guy made a stopover @ the Bhogwe beach..Well, to me the beaches here were way unusual…Dis one Is a Strip of sand projecting into the estuary with water on all 3 sides o it..quite unusaul for a beach..Looked something like a landing strip…An nice place to do all the masti ,all quiet,almost private,clear n clean water… a instantanous call by ambu to get swimming.. woohoo…The 1st bath of the Year,beach side fun.. 😛 Next stopover was an equally unusual little island in the River,just nearing the Mouth of the River called the Tsunami Island around here[got formed during the Tsunami happening…Did d Tsunami affext D arabian??watever]To me,it was a sand elevation inthe river middle,looked beautiful with the Sand dunes alike formations allover,no runover by tonees of tourists,the shacks,n flocks of Seagulls lined along the island horizon..[only if i had a slr,cud i have been able to Get d awsum frame in here:)] Out of there,n into the Devbagh backyard dock,400 for a share boat for a 90min ride was a worth of it.. Next tym v sure gona make it early inthe Morning for our Dolphin rides [If the night ‘baithaks’ dont take a toll on us den:D] Back to the resort,Hungry stomached..the staple maharshtrian nashta o Pohe n upma always do der job rite…[esspecially ambu hadnt had his fill last night,n to keep the heavy machine going..Inputs wer a must;)]All full….


Headed Malvan’wards;On agenda:Snorkeling n Sindhudurg.The resort owner had already helped with the person for Snorkeling…Instead of we Searching for him,he traced us bang from our Vehicle no.s,dat was sugestive of the competition scene of Snorkeling Providers…@ 250per head n 38 for the trip to Sindhudurga,we set sail first towards Sindhudurg in der boat wid a group o 5 young men n counterparts n a pug..yes a pug..They asked him to get into the boat he tried,n suceeded[Worth mentioning:C’ing the plight of the Doggie,..wher it was in dual minds on being coaxed by the owner to leap into the boat n der was a sizable gap btwen land n the boat n water in middle…An spontaneous reaction by Ambu..”Phatliye tyachi n laughs..only to realize dat the lady owner of the pug was beside us n he’d just said dat ryt in her ear,N then the Scary Stare:D:D”].. The roam around on sindhudurg took around 1hour all inclusive of stroll around the fort,Kaju.Kokam Sherbat,the two-branched Coconut tree has withered off now,1ce was a peculiar spec on Sindhudurg..Sindhudurg for Wat Maharaj Was,…His concieving of the Threat from water route,The Massive construction,the admin setup dat must have been operational from here..*a humble bowdown* sindhudurg seemed the most visited ‘fort’ around,given the easy access n a gigantic structure it is… Back at the Boat halting bay..n wait for arrival of the snorkeling boat…the snorkel is a mask-like fixture which fits on the face covering the eyes n nose in a vacuum…So water doesnt get in d nose…U get to breathe thru the snorkel,which is a pipe you hold into your mouth n the other end o it projects out of water(only of the mouth piece of snorkel would have beendisposable or sterlized:l)The Eyepiece of the Equipment is made up of tempered glass which is meant to enhance the view underwater.. The boat took us to the the destined place with us was a couple to company..the guide was a nice friendly man,helping n guding in all the essetial for a first timer…So with the fitting done right n rehaearsed in open air… into the water with loads of anticipation(it was a windy day,n taking the experts say,the water is turbulent given the ripples created n it by large affects visiblity underwater)the next 25 minutes passed by superquickly with the guide taking us along using his paddle to lessen efforts…n showtime., it fells happy,awsum,3rd world Snorkeling  in INdia is in two places[owing to absence of clear waters,being a prequisite along with presence of diverse sealife],in Lakshwwadeep n here in tarkarli..So When Here…It goes w/o saying..It is a MUST DO

Snorkeling do’s:

→Clean n wash ur Snorkel →Watch your feetin water & maintain a parallel  to water position,to avoid cuts from corals,as such wounds take lonmger time to heal.

→Keep a towel n dry clothes stacked up on the snorkel boat,coz on ur return from water its gonna be hell chilly amoung the breeze to be contd…

All done,n back to Malvan dhakka,@ around 3.30pm…v wer Hungry as hell,The Lunch was to be @ the much heard about on d net :”Athithi Bamboo”,A little search around the town led us to dis basic place crowded wid people having an array of fish dishes on offer,v settled wid the Pomfret,the Service was slow but the wait was worthwhile,With a thali jam packed with ‘tasty’ fish curry,sollcurry,a whole fresh fried pomfret,with rotis n rice was ‘satisfying’ n filled us to the brim;) Worth recomending::If in malvan n out for a signature Malvani Food:Athithi Bamboo is the place to be

The Lunch[@4pm] was followed by a roam around in the narrowest[Such Narrow,dat to let the State transport bus to pass thru the lane,people walking around the street have to retreat to the shops or climb on the entrances] Malvan market for the specialties o Dried Fish[Dont take dem along if ur using public tpt,howsover u pack dem,dey r sure to stink:P]the Ambapoli,some masalas n things…

The drive back to Devbagh to reach Gananayak resort didnt feel tired after a feature packed day..

@ the resort we had company from a Scorpoi full of guys from belgaum dis time,Just some time n the converstions got into flow,with topics from Pune to Belgaum marathi revolt,n things…Getting along wid varied bunch of people across distant places wasnt a task @all,rather id say the company we had @ the table both nights made our time more intersting n fun…sharing things across the table…

Laying in the Hammock was d best passtime @ gananayaks,just swinging der passively n things in mind…a experience dat wud be signature to Beachsides:)

Mohan took to d beed early dat night,The Night continued with chats wid Belgaum guys until 2pm,The next day was going to be a taxing one,Doing a reverse caln:12Hrs were required to get back home,Hence v’d decided to start @ 9am next day…

On the way back

2 days seemed to be way less to enjoy tarkarli to the fullest..We wished we could stay a day or two more,but for the given set of factors we decided to head back as was decided..

Ready n packed up by 9 am we headed out to the devbagh beach to feel what was it like in daylight..The fishermen getting der nets right,Boats docked up,water gushing into the sands,Mutilated Crabs,fish,prawns in half alive,dead conditions @ some places..maybe des were spilled in the process of Tranfering the catch by fisherman..

We set on the return by 10 am,after wishing Mr Kanchan n Vinay[man-friday] an  heartfelt thanks for the making us feel nice thru d stay

If heading Tarkarli/Devbagh:

Gananayak resort,

Near Postoffice,Devbagh.

Mr Kanchan Keluskar:9404443417..He’d sure be a happy man to help..

The Journey on return was the standard route to goa from Pune via gaganbawda[most of the Vehicles prefer dis route to Ponda ghat,given its comparatively easy layout]

Starting Wid Mohan to zma,n Girish to t’bird,n me pillion..Morning freshness converted into lots of miles pass by within finger flicking time[Pun intented!]

Devbagh-Tarkarli-Malvan[Market stopover]-Kasal-Kankavali-…

▬ 2photo,Rupees:100▬

dis instance happened on the police checkpost on the way to gaganbawda,V wer stopped by the cops [each of the passing vehicle was stopped for checking der] for checking.They checked the Bike docs,Enquired about our arigins,wer had v been..Had us open our Backpacks,brisked thru..one of then retrievd a Amla pack[brought from Malvan mkt] n began to sniff n ask wat was it,l8r satisfied it was amla,droped it back to the place..n den affirmed to der seniors dat v had nothing[wat did he mean:@] It was a new instance,n mentioned Girish siting pillion to take a running pic of the whole setup in the Jungle road..Girish took it too very seriosly n Started making out most out of the Samsung Star phone feature dat lets u capture a 180 degree view when you click 4 pics in a row…Somehow after feeling like asking ambu to do it l8r just let the feeling go…But the senior sitting @ the Chowki was Interested by Girish’s act…He called him over n asked wat was he doing,n show him n explain why was he clicking…No Specific answer,N he called mohan over who was struggling wid his earphones on the Phone[The cop thot of him to be taking pics too..]

N the after a debate…n the cop asking to make a Fine rcpt for 400 to let us go…Settled @ 100..n deleting the pics

Got the Gravity of the situation den,by reading a news in newspaper where in an press photographer was issued SC notice to explain why action shuld not be taken against him for clicking President Patils pics privately n may be causing potential security threat…

For us it was annoyment…turn into hearty laughs…having paid 100 for just noting,err actually 2 pics dat wer deleted:D

The uphill drive along d Gaganbawda ghat was a nice road through green,didnt feel  fatigued @ 2pm odd even tho the sun shun bright,The breeze was pleasent enuf to suit a hillstation…

I sure envy the Life of people of Radhanagari,Gaganbawda..the weather around here doesnt get better in the Blanket green..

Kolhapur came @ arnd 4pm..The Lunch had to be the famous Kolhapuri Mutton,n so was it @ the Padma Lunch house[had waiting @ >4pm]The food was Awsum..

On the NH4 again @ arnd 5pm..Karad came until sundown..n pune @ 10.30pm..

The journey helped us gauge our ‘butt bearing’ threshold..600kms a day is fun..Stretching beyond would turn into irritablilty..

The destination was Beautiful n was d journey..

Souvenir[Memories from Devbagh,tarkarli]:Snorkeling,Malvani food n the Journey on 2 wheels

faq: Why Bikes: All 3 of us petrolheads;Speed,premuim class bikes,travel ,n after 2 o us had Zma n t’brd,they might had to be tested…Heard,read all about enthu’s doing saddle sores @ 1600km in a day n all…Cud we Sustain 500in a day?? Only 3 o us:Yeah..Bikes was decided to be d mode of tpt,n there were a series of ditches [Chickening out happen];) …the cold,the road,the Butt ache…Girish,Mohan,Rishi:):):)

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what is the place where the river meets the sea called

๒у ∂ ωαу -“Old Mumbai-Pune Highway”

Amoung the dozens of  ‘oneday’ getaways around Pune.

Rolling stones an/around Pune plan for a drive but in dual minds as where to head? Old Pune-Mumbai highway!b d answer!

Surprised!!?? wats it about the highway for a roadtrip,driveaway??!!Just get along the highway ,it wont disappoint you for sure.

Get across d Octroi post o Nigdi,n ur holy instincts may overpower;wanting you to head Dehu‘wards to seek blessings @ d Sant Tukaram Mandir,The new Gatha Mandir,Bhandara hillock.Felt nothing of such??okie!!

Continue cruizing past dehuroad,a 10minute drive n ud like to halt few metres ahead of the ‘Shankarwadi Signpost’,dats an km b4 the 1st toll post enroute Mumbai.Its here the Base village @ d Ghoradeshwar mountain/Hill.A warm up trek coupled wid sum nice view of the Neighborhood,n a nice Shiv Mandir in a calm age old cave

Feel lyk driving long,,cuntinue,if ur a Mh14/12 pass the toll buth w/o paying[feels VIP already!!  :)]..take the next left turn,3-4 kms in n u near the replica of Shri Sai mandir in Shirdi,Dis place famous around here as Pratishirdi,Shirgoan.an atheist??,continue across the old Highway past Talegoan [u need to gulp sumthing-‘Toni da Dhaba’ is d place]Around Pavananagar u could leave the Highway n venture into a single lane road leading to Forts Tung,Tikone the vast waters of Pavana dam,onthe way back via paud the Hadshi Vitthal mandir is a Must go.

Else if still feel lyk driving along the old highway head halt only a few km b4 Lonavala Take a left to go for the Bhaje caves hosting the painstakingly created carvings o buddhist times.If the adventurist n nature lover in u manages to awaken itself,head on a long tiring all-walk trek to Lohegad or Visaspur [*Best of Maval];else take a right on the old highway to reach Karla caves n the Ekvira Mandir [Deity o the fishermen community across the MH Coast ]

Lonavala n khandala need no introduction “] -Ever crowded paradises close to pune:l

the drive ahead of lonavala leaving behind the rajmachi area is a calm one,make a diversion into the expressway for sometime n you get across bor ghat into the Industrial city of Khopoli,a road to left from the old highway leads you to Konkan/raigad/MH06 to places staring Mahad[Ashtavinayak member],Pali[Ashtavinayak member] @ the foot of Sarasgad,futher the list is big n tempting,alibaug,murud,janjira,many more

Finally,if u missed dis turn too keep driving to go to Matheran,Its a awsum weather out o ur windshield,keep cruizing n get to ‘Mumbai’.

The Old Mumbai-Pune Highway doesnt dissapoint d rolling stones around pune.n dats true..:)

Countryside Saturday

26th June 2010

Yesterday had been to Satararoad & Bhaktawadi…All Smiles,n Chats …..@ all places.


Amoung the Agenda:Open Account In DCC Bank:Baba,

Misc,Misc Chats all over the house…Feels like..ur,,actually is my 2nd home..having Spent a cumulative 2 yrs in Goan,have great regard n attachment to it….

I Love u all @ S’rd,n Sum @ bhaktwadi….

Delicious Mutton by Mami as always…..[I could make a trip to s’rd on a Food mood day Just for d  Nonveg delicacies]…

btw Bhaktawadi Sittings were of d vyavhars,heated discussions..n all…All inall a gud Stopover until 4.30pm…

Off to Sushma Jiji’s place near Mangalwar tala,Satara,45mins of Courtesy Visit to jiji n tai…

Over To Karaje[Shahupuri] to Maushi,kaka,Piu,Pratik….Good Time…Stay CONNECTED!!!!Its gud…rishi….

Drive back back reluctantly via Katraj Ghat[dunt prech to elders,leave them to the power of ‘realization of things’:)]

Time consumeing drive cutting thru trafffic all over d city..Diner @ amantran,home @ 11[d Dryfruit Mastani,as Vinodji says was ‘Divine’]

Today,Sunday was just not good day except for the browsing session of eve….c Ya

Socha na tha…

09 August 2010.

Got up early dan d present routine,telling myself id make up for the fatigue wid a noon nap…[i du it almost evryday,coz only aftr i tell myself dis,my mind allows me out of bed :I ] up @ arnd 5.45..had slept l8 last nyt,after being hell confused,chatting n l8r funniestly convinced to be going To The Direct Taxes Demo Lecture by CA Jayesh Gupta by Neha.

Out all ready on the Gate,Der r my nice pals from LBL &Co. Hop in n friendly,funny conversations between us=Me,fattie,Sourabh,Pinkie. Girish had taken his alto coz he had to drop his Sister.@ d class..chatting.Enter:VK,introducing Jayesh Ji……..Enter:Jayesh Gupta,announces Lecture wont Help November aspirants..Exit.Me,Grsh,Srbh,Fattie,Pinkie……..


WAT NEXT,well dats not a problem wid us….

der wer already plans to bunk d lecture n werall was goable amoung d friendly conversations v had had in the Swift:)

Park Swift to JM road,Lets go in a Alto…..:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Headed Khadakwasla….get down,stroll arnd..Clicks…bas dats it?? Naah..Lets go Sinhagad?..SURE!!!


Talk.talk talk,leg pulling,teasing,all things just as betwn long tym frnds…..All so spontaneous…..all in fun mood…

Some of the mountains appeared anew arnd Sinhagad acc to fattie compared to what dey had wen in Symbi days;0

Girish best @ d driving wheel….2day not d day for some Crazy goof up 😛

.First to reach on the gadh arnd 8.30…walk uphill wid stops for fatties to catch breathers…:D


ders just been a talk on ‘Fattu’,n den ders d cute puppy @ sum1s feet,n Sum1s running for cover….lolZZZZ…

Bechara Cactus plant on which Uncle, n pinkie Scribled,Bechara Colourful chhata !!!!!:D

When ur happie it shows …,all high on the happieness,glided arnd the Fort.,fyting the forceful chilly winds….n offcourse:A hard blow of wind,n ders d call”Chalo lets go,mujhe Darr lag raha hai,windoPHOBIA”..so cute it was..:)

Pics,pics,pics all arnd….

Grlz left alone 4 just a bit, n ders d dog heading der way…Wat next…..Screammm!!!:D

V r and,relax!!

An crab may byt n u may die…Seriiously acc2 fattie!!!;)

Stopover @ d tapri,for a combo of Bhaji n Chaha…Curd…

Sourbh sweating in cold,d mirchiche chatney was d culprit:)

[talk,chat,masti,trouble r Words/rather expressions dat wud Fit in everywher n anywhere i wish to get dem in thru out d naration……so energytic was the environment]

Sum more to gulp down….raw mangoes,kinley Limewater,peanuts…..

Descend tym…. Bushes,beetles,n n things b discussed..Cow n buffallo differentiation left for sum l8r tym 😛

Bestest’est frnds

Me to the wheel from Sinhagad payta…ppl cud sleep now,coz of a trustable driver…[Girish plz dunt mind:Just Kidding:)….]Got a new prefix to Girish…Uncle,!!!!!


to JM Road…Drive Swift,Halt FC road for Grly shopping,head MH 14 wards…drop Pinkie,Drop Me,Bye Fatiee…

home @ 1pm,Lunch tym….rest as everyday or ok ok types…:D