Celebrating being Indian #66thRepublicDay

Last you heard ‘Aye mere Watan ke logo’? Heard it playing at some Public place at the last 15th Aug or 26th Jan? Yes, same here.

Returned home today to visuals of Burf Khalifa being lit up in tricolour being played on the Television. Felt proud as a Indian. Yes, coz like most of us, I take things at face value and Tricolour being the colour of Burj Khalifa- The tallest building in the world is some thing, some big thing. Not clear as to what that big thing tangibly means- India getting among the prominent world countries such that countries take cognizance of its important public dates, reciprocation of the good deed of India of inviting the Prince of UAE as chief guest for this Republic Day function this year.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve grown to acknowledge that India is a great country. Having seen RDB (Rang de Basanti)

Madhavan in Rang De Basanti

exactly 10 years ago; The punch :
‘Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota … usse behtar banana padta hai” still echos.
Agree; Its an 100 +ve’s thriving around pulled back by 50 odd -ve’s. Are we among the 100 or the -50’s? Coz the Government I voted for is taking no stone unturned to get rid of these -50’s.
And Im proud for having voted for this government, for having such great leaders.
I’m proud of the freedom I enjoy in this country.
I’m proud of the great values we have as Indians.
I’m proud of our combined history as India.

Not that this republic day is different than the one celebrated each year. But this year have had a chance to visit Kashmir-Ladakh-Border side, the areas where India exists thanks to the Army, BSF,CRPF, this year I feel the need for explicit celebrations of being part of this great republic. The effort and lives our fellowmen invested/invest to guard the borders need a special mention.
There are a lot of things that make our country less great- the caste/region divide, Kashmir issue, corruption, and another tens of things. But how about celebrating the feeling of being constituent of a Republic- A place where your say has value, it is heard and considered.

Penned while ‘Aye mere watan ke logo’ played in the background. #Lyrics


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