#MarathaSilentProtests My take

25th September 2016 was the day when Maratha Silent Protest happened at Pune.

I went, and here’s why..
It is about solidarity. Nothing principally wrong being demanded, not to fall in would be incorrect. If a flawed system exists,we intend to mold in accordingly.
The wrongful incident happened at Kopardi, Nagar it may be well imprinted in our minds that such shall not be tolerated.
Reservation benefit not for us, but yes for each of my brother in villages who intends to learn
It is no political party to lead. It has been some maratha sangathanas together it is thus about not being led by a carrot.
Over all others it was solidarity with my fellow brothers and sisters that was a magnet.

Who/What of Maratha’s as i know it
Maratha’s are the Kshatriya’s (Warriors) historically having lead in multiple cases of having turned over the atrocious Mughal reign and having brought in ‘Hindavi Swarajya’ (which literally translates to ‘Self-rule of Hindu People’) The setup of Swarajya well included better positioning and inclusion of all sects of the society.
When war became a less daily affair, Marathas continued to tend to the soil and Farming was then the main occupation coupled with side businesses until a few decade ago. As generations passed and land owned by the family stayed as is, land portions with further divided families became increasingly small, thus now it was Subsistence farming in most cases. But with subsistence all is never well. The Farmers Son/Daughter by then had to choose to get to learning better, finding a job, get down to a business and growing above subsistence. Many have succeeded in that, yet there remain many who have not been able to take the alternative route, some opted to stay with farming. All of this he and she have fought on their own likes, no aids when drought visits nor when excess rains washes the standing crops. A year full of misery stands in front. Recently there have been many of these. People choosing it to be convenient to leave the world permanently then face, again by their own likes.
This is again without any expectation of aid, quota benefit and so on.
So should we not revisit where the system failed and led to victimizing of the larger sects? Yes!

An example to highlight the current situation: In a classic scenario of two students getting 140 and 180 marks in the medical entrance and the former getting seat in a premier institution with half the fees to pay while the later stands outside the gate only because she is a Maratha, the farmers daughter.She then has the option of paying donation in lakhs to get a seat to seat along the former but then she cannot,she is a farmers daughter. Subsistence. Should it not count here that the former’s drove in with her father to seek admission in a 30 lakh SUV, and yet superseded the farmers daughter because the system designed for equality enabling has grown redundant and works in complete favor of . And yet with such workforce around India dreams to be a superpower by 2020 (4 years hence?) Well then in such cases let the records say that we have no doubt in asking for the category if it leads to a wanting person getting justice.

What is that you intend to address by gathering by lakhs in our home cities?
We are already everywhere. Where would we go? 🙂 Its ours forefathers place. We are here to stay.
Taking to the streets is no requirement when you are the majority with around 30 odd percentage of the total population in the state. You just cannot be unheard of. But It is no harm starting the morning walk a bit late when you know it can be done utter peacefully.

Why ‘One and all’ is abiding by coming down to the streets?
What has been the point of origin of the (Peaceful) events that followed?
What happened at Kopardi has happened at multiple places in India over the last few years. But then it cannot be just let gone. It is about telling we stand by the family and there is zero tolerance about such occurrences around. It also helps the youth understand this such acts are inhumane and shall not be stood by.
Also there are many instances we hear about say ‘Fender bender’ fights landing you in prison not because u bend the fender but one of the parties played the attoricties card. If you think this is fair. Read no further. let be. Again no one is saying do away with the law, maybe tweak it to be used justly, or create awareness about its true use.

Do we really need reservation?
Don’t need it; wont use it. But someone at the village definitely needs it. So as long as there is no Income based upliftment system, YES.

How deep laid is the Vote-bank game here?
Don’t know but know we wont budge. And they Know it.
If a few walking SILENTLY down the road can evoke what it does, then imagination of the aftereffects of when same few are angered by inaction or mischievous poking is the answer to the ill-wishers.

Who is the organizing these and what will lead to?
No political party for sure. It is some neutral Maratha Samaj organizations
It should definitely lead to the better of the society at large. Exaggeration? No,
How about dismissal of the inequality provoking caste system,
How about Income based benefit policies?
How about a society where Rape is non tolerable?
How about a law where the real deprived is given a helping hand, and miscreants are restrained?
How about a better India?



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