Should you pay your tax?

Satyagraha’ #themovie left a thought to toy with..
Are you liable to pay tax?
^Seems a nonsense question..
Rephrase it to “What is the underlying that a citizen is required to pay tax to its governers?”
And it would make much sense..
Ever pondered?

> Assumed that maybe it is the tax we pay for being born in India?
> Or would it be because you earn income in my own motherland??

The best/closest would be Tax is the payment to be made to the government/system to enable it to provide the basic necessary services to its citizens such that to help sustain human life.

Prakash Jha interprets the same as We the citizens are clients of the government for the services it provides in running the system; the government has its right as to consideration for the service it renders?
Where are the services then??
Ok, so how relevent is the preached thought in day-to-day transactions!? You commute to your workplace each day and are held back by the traffic jams. Could these issues not have been perceived of by the mumbo jumbo of planning world?,Infrastructure development,etc? But then when you/your kin earlier paid tax the development was the purpose of the payments made..count the same for visits to Government offices, the kharcha pani was never required coz we paid taxes.
What actually happened over the period, intended surpluses were generated,money was routed to be accumulated for personal good. All this from TAx payers Money,all collected authoritatively with an object of Development & betterment of the Nation but ultimately sourced into swiss holes of the playful politicians. The More id continue to abide by the 30-50% tax regime,much wealth would be ready for loot.


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