As the rightist Leader Age’s gracefully

Ive always been confused between choosing a forum,Group-political,nonpolitical.. Little orators & real do’ers exist around us with rock solid agendas & a equally strong will to enable a better livelihood for us all around & stand true to their promises.

Amidst the dilemma of choosing to stand by a political party,has bee shivsena,for the many reason ive heard & seen them at work with the able Guidance of the founder Shri Balasaheb Thakrey. As has been a yearly routine with Shivsena,Dasera melava(the Annual gathering of Shivsena) stood the test of lacs of ppl occupying Shivaji park for the last 46 odd years only to hear Bal Thakrey guide them.

This year however was distinguished with the non-presence of Bal thakrey,the video message broadcasted during the meeting though. The leader is always looked 4wd to owing to his Straight forwardness,pro-Marathi-Hinduism in true sense. The Video showed the 86year old Man speaking his heart out about the regret of not being in the pink of health 7 hence inability to attend the meet.his views of the ongoing Scam-Streams & what of what. All convincing in sharp hardhitting words as always.

The once (& even now) Charismatic Leader-Orator talked way to above par for his Age,yet leaving his lakhs of followers in the moment of sadness as he described his falling health & in a way bid a Good bye to his  fans calling for support & loyalty from the people around for the work done.Way to emotional & touching for much of the Rightists for the support to enable the religion thrive amidst the Votebankers during the bad times created by anti-socialists & many more reasons. No (no cases filed,no allegations, existing) involvement in Scams being a prominent one therein.


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