making a living!!

Biness @ grass root

❒The Idliwala[Anna]❒

His Equipment: A Atlas  Cycle & Utensil anchored to it

He starts his day in the wee hours of the day with the help of his household.. Getting his perishable commodities ready for sale,that includes a host of activities & then when all is done,Hops on to his Cycle @ arnd 6am odd to reach his designated locality to sell his possessions.

Until 2pm he is done for the day,n left with nothing Business to do for the day!![or maybe he does other minting in the fillers]

so..What did he earn for the day:He came with 250 idlis & 250 Udid wadas in his patela priced @ a rational Rs.2 per piece.He cleared all of them for the day n headed home 🙂

Doing the Maths 500*2=1000 of which take the tangible cost to Re.1 per piece[for that thou,Quality isnt subdued],that would sum up to a decent Rs.500

per day,making 15000per month

1 shift of work for a illiterate would earn layman some 6-8k after a  Days hardwork..


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