Rejoice \m/

It took time to sink in..But now it is in…Realizing to be the World truimpants…Now the feeling of Celebrating bugs again..


Watta day it was ‘Saturday’,

After the India Pakistan match that we watched @ friends place,it was hell of a fun,v sure had decided to Go for the Finals a Big way!!!

After the utter confusion that lasted until Saturday afternoon,After a few stopovers zeroed on in Bhajan Singh da Dhaba in their garden on a large screen…Amoung all other things setting in the mood for the evening were the friend,The uberenthusiatic crowd,The Dhol,The Tashaz…the absurd Dancing..Waving…To sum it all,enjoyed cricket to the core..

@ bhajansinghs..Wining moments
Celebrating The World Champions


Each time for the ball getting across the boundary,the uproa

r,the Dhol…N

when the last six came from Dhoni…man!!!!

A time to remember we ve had!!!!

Awsome evening.I was a witness to India’s Win in the Homeground..Does it get any better..\m/

Cricket India World cup

Cricket India

Thank You ‘Team INDIA’


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