n the Worldcup Stays !!!

Bare honking,crazy dancing,Masti,shor.Dhol.DJ,Open Carstereos,Waving flags

Cloudbursts of joy @ every nukkad we passed…


^This was the season out here around Nigdi n pimpri….

Imagine or rather saw the Show @ night down all around the country*OSM.OSM*

Wat a show,wat a rush it was…

It took time to sink in..the feeling of Winnning..n the celebrations there after..

Wish the Award ceremony was the next day,so we had plenty of time n reason to stay on streets n do all the dhingana..

Congrats team India n India,Thanks for the Cup n the Moments treasure worthy..It didnt get any better @ the Wankhede

-Wankhede’The Stadium of Dreams-

The Dhoni Captian World cup 2011 Glory
The Dhoni Squad in World cup Glory,After the Win
Greatest moment. He deserved it
Sachin lifted by team in world cup
Cricket Team India Won World Cup
World Cup won by India
SAchin World cup 2011 CWC2011
Sachin Tendulkar with daughter Sara son Arjun
India Won World Cup
World Cup won by India
Anil kumble & sachin
Sachin cheers,Anil kumble holds the World Cup

his each match ticket n related costs are sponsered by SAchin”]Sachin with his Die hard fan Sudhir GautamSachin FANFARE


We sure will miss u Murli
Murlidharans worldcup medal;Goodbye Murali
goodbye murli :)



an institution in himself,for last 3 decades
Sachin in worldcup final win

Some1 credited Rajnis presence as one of the factors inspiringIndian team,this Commendation id\s Stinkiest Bs possible :/

Firecrackers went off in some parts of Pakistan after I

ndia won,like,Wat?!If i believe the Tweeter….Cricket won ov

er Boundaries…OSM

The CWC for Sachin ‘made in Mumbai’

India Won World Cup
World Cup won by India

Kumble played 4 world cups,Sachin does the best by handing it to him for a pose

[Ξjustlikethat: Some years back,I stopped watching Cricket..With ganguly left out of the team,Cricket didnt Interest me somehow..Luved the way Sachin,Dada,Robinsingh,Kaif played then.

With the Hype of India-Pak,Cricket was set rolling again..N im thankful that Ive watched the Biggest Match of the Season..Large screen,amoung Crowd..The Tempo is hell high..Awsum fun..Thank u Team India.for all the Smiles you gave us:):)]


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