The road is full of idiots,u dont want to be 1 amoung dem!

15 thoughts on “The road is full of idiots,u dont want to be 1 amoung dem!”

  1. Very true article Rishi, I experience the pain caused to you and your friend. Yes victim can be any one no matter who’s fault.

    Drive Safe, take care because life can’t be rewind.

  2. been there in a similar situation and know exactly what your friend and family might have gone through.
    Such people, who have no regard for others, must be hanged.
    I wish him the very best, for recovery, for happiness, for confidence and for belief in life!

    1. Share d very same level of anger n agitation,hope our system get things well in place in the recent future as they are in the West
      Thanks for d wishes conveyed.

  3. heyy..loved this.. 🙂

    really touched by it… 🙂 we should wish him luck to get back to that old sweet ananth… 🙂
    he has really got a supurb will power…i mean…he really has gone through so much!!!! super work!!!!! 🙂

  4. Dear Rishi
    this is really true that most people buy high end cars but tend to forget their responsibility. The civic sense has gone to drain. And to a major extent we ourselves are responsible for it. Most of us tend to bribe an officer when he catches us doing some thing wrong. and not all are Satyawadi Harishcandra hence they fall for money and give us the courage to go in for another yet bigger mess.
    I have been in a situation, but not as critical as Ananth’s. I hope he gets well soon. My best wishes for him and his family

  5. umm…no words to say..! Ant..Get well soon.. 🙂 you have faced alot..and that for no reason..!!
    Hats off to ur will power 🙂 My Bestest wishes are always with you..!!

  6. Good GOD !!!! You’re using a QWERTY Keyboard. Just how hard is it to type out the spellings??? For crying out loud they put 1 alphabet per Button!!!! You need to improve big time on your spellings- YOUR PARENTS SPENT GOOD MONEY ON YOUR EDUCATION BUT YOU’RE SCREWING IT UP!!!

    I am posting this because you’re spamming on Inditalk. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Thanks for ur 2cents [las if i really cared]
      Thou i’ll take ur advise on a good note….only that i like it my way..Words are as u c them..[dont wanna feel m practicing proses for Some GRE n sort.]..

      Hearing you talk of language,Guess dey didnt teach u to work wid ur Caps funtn
      U seem uber desperate boy..The Mod @ Inditalk didnt have a odd ag. d post,Its a open chat forum der..So nxt tym u Spam some Post[as u r doing here],Think b4 u blabber some ill crap…
      Chill n Stay put!….

  7. thanks for the great article….
    tumne bahut pyara article likha hai….. ananth is like younger brother to me,and he is my colleagoe also kuch chije hamare dil me hoti hai par hum express nahi kar pate
    par tumne to hum sab ke dil ki bat es artical me likhi hai….. thanks once again,
    such me , subne in sub mamle me bahu alart rehena chaheye , or kaisi bhi wakt aaye hamesha datke rehena chahiye……hats off to ananth……. and thank you for such a good article once again

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