Valentine Day-“Business @ peak” day??

Its Here,The Day of the year that is common to all the religions of India/infact whole of the world..Valentine day is no local celebration Day,its got roots all over the world..

To my knowledge it is over this decade that it has caught celebration pace around India..

It was the saga the St. Valentine took efforts help get couples married & was martyred by the King den..dat was long long ago..A perfect reason for a Day

Hindu fundamentalists explicitly discourage Valentine’s Day. Certain factions denounce it as cultural pollution from the West.

Well its not about the Mythological existance of St Valentine nor About the Fundamentalist Views.

@ the Business house end:You are paid fat paychecks to get the profit bells ringing for the organisation,In the rat race Innovative Ideas have to be pursued to sustain…One of the Cleverbrainer’s yield is the commercialization of the “Valentines Day”

Would this day be complete until you give ur loved one a nice Gift,Cards,Choclates,Flowers n a cool outing??

Naah.. certainly not,for after all its the special day of the year..N special would obviously have raised expectaions @ the other end..Its all got obvious reasoning..

Hence Its peak season for the Gifting business houses;or my say,its all blownout marketing

The Hallmark,Archies,n many more Its a true day of celebrations..N it wont b a surprise to have thier Q4 results topping over the other quarters…

[Its annoying/wierd initiations by some of these b’houses introducing Mothers,Fathers,Sisters,Brothers day all round the year..The Indians havent fallen prey to the gimmicks as yet,but wid predatory advertizing,it would hardly take time..Do we really need such days in the Indian family format?]

Better ot talk about the American products n strategies here….

Well even if I say,Whats the harm??

There is,The college going crowd n ‘wat not to do’ mood around these day leading to mass spendings,’celebrating Love’ n all the nuisances that follow..all comes at a cost,N The corporate biggies know their buyer very well n the margins are unprecedental[One Good Thing:only the Farmer like dis day:His Flowers from greenhouse Sell double price n quantity wise,wid incresed export demand]

N again on this specific day,ders always the threat of being caught by the Shivsainiks & like groups n thrashed.we have the total of 364 days @ our disposal..So rejoice n Give it a thought

An article from a leading News site concludes my post with figures to support my say.

This is just one perspective,Love however has been seen to overpower all,were this may seem to be petty from the recivers[Buyer] End;But from The Giving[Business] end it is Serious Business

n yeah…Happy Valentines day 🙂

Valentine’s day: a business worth Rs 12K crore

Posted on Feb 13, 2011 at 02:38pm IST

New Delhi: Who says love doesn’t cost a thing? An unassuming date can mercilessly burn a deep hole in your pocket and when it comes to this year’s annual celebration of love – the Valentine’s Week – it’s a jaw-dropping Rs 12,000-crore ($2.6 billion) business!

So says a study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), under the aegis of Social Development Foundation.

So right from the roadside florist to the telecom operator, the luxurious restaurant to the upscale gift shop, everyone will get a generous piece of the rich love pie.

Valentine's day: a business worth Rs 12K crore

The two-month long study, which was conducted in 10 major cities from December 2010 to January 2011, ascertained the extent of over-spending among the young lovers to make their partners feel special.

Valentine’s Week, a love carnival of sorts, begins on February 7 with Rose Day, followed by Proposal Day on February 8, Chocolate Day on February 9, Teddy Day on February 10, Promise Day on February 11, Kiss Day on Febraury 12, Hug Day on February 13, and finally the ceremonious Valentine’s Day on February 14.

According to DS Rawat, secretary general at Assocham, the spending on Valentine’s Week this year will be 120 per cent higher than last year.

“Owing to the improved economic situation this year and increased spending power of individuals, youths and eligible bachelors are gung-ho about breaking all previous records as they are likely to spend almost over 120 per cent as compared to the previous year,” he said.

The biggest chunk of the earnings come from the staple greeting cards, followed by flowers, chocolates, toys, and moves on to more exorbitant stuff like diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces, readymade garments, cell phones and electronic gadgets.

Youhan Aria, head of corporate communications at Archies Limited, says that between February 7 and Febraury 14 every year, Archies makes a turnover of 16 per cent and the sales zoom up to 10 times the normal figure.

“We have 171 new greeting cards designs exclusively for Valentine’s Day and the price range is between Rs 50 and Rs 699. Moreover, we have introduced about 220 special gifts like jewel boxes, heart-shaped soft toys, photo frames, mugs, quotation books, bags, vases, scented candles, metal candle-holders and crystal pieces,” Aria told IANS.

“It is not just youngsters who shop, even those in the age group of 40-50 extensively shop for the occasion,” he added.

As per the Assocham study, an interaction with 1,200 people – including professionals and students in schools and colleges, people are ready to spend anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 1,50,000 for Valentine’s Day celebrations, depending upon their individual capacity to spend.

Chayya Singh, a second year commerce student, said: “I will purchase at least 15 greeting cards, love bands and an equal number of pink roses for all my friends. This is the day to express affection to your loved ones. So, spending Rs 1,000-3,000 is not a big deal.”

As for Atul Bharghav, a BPO employee, he plans to gift his fiance “365 roses of different colours and a collection of 100 romantic Bollywood songs”.

Ask any obscure florist on the roadside, and he will tell you how the heart-shaped bouquets ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 10,000 sell like hot cakes during the week.

Apart from that, artificial feather rose princess imported from China, orchids from Thailand and lilies are also favourites among the customers.

“I have already ordered 500 extra flowers and I’m confident that I’ll do good business on Valentine’s Day,” said Mohit Kumar, a florist at Connaught Place.


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