The IDT Spell

Its been exactly 2 months since the IDT batch started ryt in the december cold mornings @ 6.30 am..[dat obviously meant id have to leave pimpri @6am, n backward Get up @ 5.15 atleast] but 2 day on the 60th odd day its very uncommon of me to feel dat im gonna miss getting up early tommorow onwards to reach The Vishal Bhattads IDT class ‘sharp’ @ 6.30..Id Blame the fluent n addictive touch sir gives to the subject for this..Hardly did I miss the early morning lectures,such was the power of Vishal Bhattad’s spell…

The Journey had started withe Excise module being the common factor den,Sir knowing things of it n us Blank faces,eager n afraid of the Stranger Subject v meet here @ CA Final…It started wid voice n pitch modulation which in turn was an supereffective tool wid Sir to get the attention level high,The Performance[yeah,id call it the performance…The Stage mime of the Case studies]to help not just the case study,its inference but Get all curious eyeballs to think wat went into the Court awarding the Decisions..

Excise, n customs had thier own beauty wid Batthad’jis style of teaching;everyone seemed to enjoy Him n IDT as well.. I surely did..Tym passed by n the effectiveness n the Zeal steadily continued,it was never monotonuos nor was it ever irritating[it is wid some prof’s] The illustrations,the ppts n the signature citations n quotes were a big hit amoung us..

A few of them..

Sharp,..Chodenge nai..Writ petitions,Satisfy..samaj me aa ra hai ni aara hai,ek bar padho ?samja?Thik hai..Student:Nai samja..firse padho..ab samja?? Student:Nai sir,….*pause* Toh fir Chod do 😛

[thou all r automatically reminded of when v r digging into d topic wer dey wer quoted]all nice n in place..

The flowcharts wer always der around,but the way Sir introduced us to dem sure changed n lessened d study efforts,Done with the Class n v sure could head towards practices[the practical part..starting wid..wat it takes to satisfy the oficers to the inside of each ruling..All in place]:)

The Sendoff day:2day::

It was the last day 2day n towards the end of the lecture..Somehow everyone was not feeling nice about the class getting ova..Many of them metioned alike feelings publically.. Even a few girls broke into tears should say it for the Perfect Student friendly Teacher,

Sir was presented a well deserved Memento from the Batch,No such informal felicitaion happens in other faculty batches..Its about the Man of dedication,Patience,Accomodating Everyone,the Enthusiasm dat lingers around,N lastly the Subject knowledge n painstakingly developed means to help easy asimilation to us…

May you continue to cast the IDT spell over the fraternity over long years to come is all i wish..

Thank you for being the Teacher dat stands out of the Lot in the Commercially ridden coaching world 🙂


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