What movies do to us

‘Rang de basanti’

Here’s another or rather a preceding example of how wellcrafted movies leave a scar on our hearts

The Current Incident of the Chopper[Cheetah] Crash In Nashik,

v d ppl
The face of Aware,intolerant Young India..



Major Atul Garje & Major Bhanu Das were martyrd instantly brought back to life the reel life instance of Lt. Ajay Rathod..One of the 2 Majors happened to be a close friend of my friend,n it hurts more to know actually dey had endevoured to land the ailing machine in some vacant space to avoid civilian casualties,dey suceeded in der part der wer no casualties thou d crash happened in suburbs..D braveheart is survived by his wife n a 4 month child…It is depressing for me to just ‘hear’ dis,n feel less about the pain of thier near n dear ones…

N the Other Incident when I was a Kid:It was a holiday n we wer playing in the front of my house,dat was in around 1998..Flocks of Army vehicles gathered in our surroundings..Just some time passed n a large crowd assembled around..Flyng Ofcr Sameer Nerkar was killed in on a Mig21 crash..A hero was gone


many more of such unfortunate deaths around d nation n counting..

So where do all des links lead …it was dat some official/unofficial report say ‘most of the crashes happend due to use of inferior spares which compromised on the Flight quality leading to failures..but like the Dollor minting politicians cared for!!The deals dat wer lucrative for deep pockets ,seemed to have worked out

The dialoge from RDB fills dis space rite..

Yaha India me Dulhe ke sath puri barat nikal ati hai aur saath me Bandwale bhi >>The Barat here includes all in d chain except d Pilot n the bandwale..nira radia alikes…

IN dis context…

This Article is worth a read n thought spent…


An Excrept from the above;

Most of the crashes have been attributed to pilot incompetence and a lack of training[shift of blame,dat d authority centres here are most efficeint in]. Another major factor pointed out by the Russians is the fact that Bhrat insisted on using poorly manufactured local parts. After several hundredMigs had crashed, the IAF blamed the manufacturer of a faulty fuel pump. According to the IAF the breakdown in 2005 is as follows. 40%; human error (servicing) 2%; technical defects 41%; bird hits 9%; unresolved 6%; and others 2%.

Its been almost 5 years from when Rang de basanti released…N we when in college flocked the theatre to c wat was it all about..I or rather we all loved it from the bottom of our hearts.It impacted n continued to impact our tender minds thru the 3 odd hrs..@ the back of the minds it was surely going on ‘Wat the f !’ is this wat is the plight of d nation in the hands of our elected polititions??den dey deserve this,dj n karan wer ryt in der moves!NOT a Slight thot made us to think Karan n Dj N Sukhi n all wer Villians[dey sud have been in general,dey wer d ones doing d killings]But no The series of events conditioned our minds to get perspectives on things]

U wud never compare the value of the life of Ajay rathod to any politition around us…Wud we??Certainly not..

Dats d point,dat emulates d debate..If such is d case,den wat circumstances have lead to making of the Public Servants[read as polititions] determine who survives n lead to detoriation of the Accountability,System ethics as a whole…It hurts/causes hell lot of anguish see things turning out the way they should definately not be..The scenario around us right now is no different….The scams,n dominances….all culminating

Utsav-the face of Anger

into some Enquiry being handed over to the prestigeous machineries like CBI,some Comittee n things..[Given my personal experience in the fiald of Audit, i understand the meaning of “manage” in true Indian context..n hence all des machines seem of not much good ag. the will’s of Our beloved politicions n Powerhouses;CAG in my view would be a unbiased authority given its authority n reportable to structure]

It wont be exagrating to say dat some day des so called “little” things may lead to civil outbursts n Public anger reciprocating in some undesired manner…

The Instances of Utsav Sharma would remind us of the charcter of DJ,not some pyscho as the politicians wud lyk to call him,To me he seems to be aggrieved of the untoward incidences around n the Leagal inefficiencies…If the soothingPenalties n terms awarded by the System arent enuf to deter miscreants,Den be it The Fear of being stabbed to Death by revolts like Utsav{the face of public anguish}

No doubt movies leave a lasting impact on us..


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