>roadtrip Tarkarli-Devbagh

9 thoughts on “>roadtrip Tarkarli-Devbagh”

  1. Interesting travelogue..waiting to hear more of it…byks!!Sounds gutsy n thrill…!V’ve been to tarkarli,but not byks…sure must have been a nice journey….luking to ur cumplete writeup…

  2. Must have been one thrilling experience that!! The only part I may not be able to emulate is the getting up early part (the hardest thing in the world). Nice way of giving everyone a feel of the real thing

  3. Hey Rishi,

    Very nice write up, I enjoyed reading it.

    Sorry to here about the check post incident, they stopped us as well in our Goa trip but no any bad incident as we were with our family. 🙂

    You guys are from Pune? wow, let me know when you are planning next trip.


    1. thanx,
      yeah,d checkpost incident was all our mistake…shouldnt have provoked d guys;) dey just need a reason…
      v’r from Pune,Pimpri precisely…
      Yeah sure,itll b nice to catchup..nothing on cards until June end now,CA Final exams for all o us 🙂
      Cya around…

    1. Id b happy to showcase the same on puneritraveller.com.
      I must state here;for my Anjarle,diveagar outings,Ive had refered to puneritraveller n the info was apt n hence helpful.

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