What Movies do to us

‘No 1 killed Jessica’

‘No 1 killed Jessica’ was just another title flashing in the Newspapers when the Decision was awarded…the Director perceived d title to manufacture a real life interpretation of the Jessica Lal hatyakand; We did read it in newspapers den,to understand things in bits n fragments…Many such incidences keep on happening,n rationally it wont be expeceted of any person to get d facts an place…Had it not been for Movies,We wouldn’t have got to know the Akbar epic[distorted thou],Ambani[distorted thou], n many more

But then AV media is the best for understanding,the Film ‘No 1 killed Jessica’ had a story…a real one,now how the director spills his ‘Creative Instincts’ to photocopy the real series of incidents that happened,else to deviate the storyline to the meet Commercial appeal…

‘India is a great Country’  is what read written behind Trucks…Out of the Many greatness attributes that lies inert to India is ‘yaha paisa aur power bolta hai’,The real incidence of Jessica [just another girl in India] being gunned down for a reason,the Reason Being:Refusal of a Drink @ d bar… If u haven’t watched d movie;followed any media reporting of the case..the reaction has to be WTF! Fcuk..How can..,else if u dont get any of the anger;shock filled reactions,then in alternative course,@ d back of ur mind,ud be saying to urself  ‘I hear many of these,these things keep on happening in India’ The Concerned n the Unconcerned[Chalta Hai,yeh Aisa hi hota rahega ppl] As Sabrina lal says thru the Movie,She was my sister,But den it could have been ur Sister,ur Sibling..dat gets goosebumps on a careful thought,Arent we going to Understand The Gravity of the Occurrences  around until they hardhit ur Clan n dear ones???

The High Society as potrayed in the mOvie are Funny Idiots having Deep pockets n no Backbone…300People @ the party n no one saw anything….*sarcastic* but den they Have Family to care for,want no Jhamelas,n lots more excuses,In specific it’d be best described as ”Kisiki G*nd me dum nai hota”,sab batuni Kachue hote hai,U speak of Money, n ull get an echo,speak Of other human *desires* n deyd Jump d line wid d wads in der hands…For this Instance am reminded of the media briefing by Mr.Prakash Jawdekar during 26/11 happening n the march dat few women organised dat  “a Bunch Of women wearing heavy make-up aren’t the representatives of the ‘peoples’ say/opinion “True he was den,but the call of the Time then,Media projected him in a distortive role…But the so-called elite class would always want to get into limelight given the ego battles that prevail in the Society pyramid,If the case was very like the film,wat wrong was Jawdekars Statement??If its not to their benefit,dey wudnt get themselves in painstaking position for Others..It was more than evident in this case!

‘Manage’ is a fcuking Disastrous word in Indian context,ryt from the Tax enforcing bodies to The Judiciaries,to the Political circle….the sentence doesn’t cause much anguish/surprise which it should have to us;Just because we get used to things in India…It becomes general Practice…Almost anything is manageable In India…many instances to support the say…Just run ur Think tank,,starting RTO Office it extends to the Judiciaries n its no Secret…m an optimist n think Things wud get Better n Hence wont name the Many of the Instances dat Happen along our Profession

India me Sab Kuch Bikta Hai

The Character of The Inspector Is myfavourite in The Film…Just loved d style n attitude of the Officer potrayed by him…TWhen he says ‘yaha Khate sab hai,par karan kya hai woh farak karta hai…’ relatin to his talk wid Sabrina of taking 70Lakhs to ‘not to hit d lad during interogation’ very True to wat d professors say ‘anything sells in India’.Superb acting by person…


The "no 1's" of the Case

The media recieves the appluad for reopening the case n help get d Family Justice[thou in my opinion A life term after hell-of a nautankis is not deserved by him,Death sentence would have got the message right;n later getting out on Parole, etc..Pathetic!!]People got united,Fought for the cause,displayed the Sarkari tattus n Public SERVANTS[polititions] Public anger causes severe damages!!So be Just in ur behaviuor n save urself,Else if a sentiment of negation develops,God save u…[Eg.Rathod was stabbed by a chap from crowd ryt in his face n many more]


Towards the End,the movie Gives u a directive to deal wid any untoward intances n how u matter amoung all the sea of people..It sure would make u think…

Yes it could be any1,cud b my near n dear ones  or urs to be a prey of the filthy system.am i just going to wait until den to retaliate or start my little bit now….

Sometimes Movies do a bit more dan Entertain,dey may just correct our thought line..

Kudos to,

The Actors;Vidya n Rani

The Producer[thou he’d deemed to have made a killing from the success of the movie]

The Actor in The role Of Inspector

& finally a middle finger to the Script writer ‘Our fkd up system’


4 thoughts on “What Movies do to us

  1. Hi Rishi,
    You sure write a rocking piece. The film sounds good food for thought from your review of it. I sure would like to see it. You have done a good job in speaking out against the incurable societal system prevailing in the country today. More need to speak out like you. We as Indians have become too selfish and lackadaisical. Keep up the good work.

    I have added you to my network.


    • those words feel inspiring..
      Now i think i can write! *humble :)*,if only pro-bloggers [lyk you..]help wid thier sugestions n remarks..expressing views feels so much better..
      Thanks….cya around

  2. Undoubtedly, one of the best article l have come across on this precious topic. I quite agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.

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