Happiez Newz yearz


My Year in Status on FB

0.   >roadtrip

Tarkarli-devbagh Trip

1.   Life\’s a battle,every day from Som-War to Ravi-War

2.   have a very Haþþy n Âuspicious Ðiwali.

3.   CoalIndia does a loud debut,wishes India a very \’prosperous\’ diwali! 🙂

50% returns;3 weeks

4.   when you catch a fish and release it…does it go back and tell its friends it was abducted by aliens?


5.   http://bosapp.icai.org articleship xchange formalised!! Institute routed Campus Interviews open…gud muv,nice dat students wud hav a ask rate now on 🙂

Wish dis was d option in 2006 when i started,,,,Though it was a nice tym wid LBL & co.

6.   rain gods doing a xtra shift dis season!? pouring heavily again…

November rains

7.   Money often costs too much

mean world around;Proud to say dat Im not amoung des:)

8.   thinks d temprory structures of pandals here were superior to d cwg facilities,no news of anything cuming down:| .WAT A DAY!Thousands on streets,dhol,tashe,zhanza,dancing,music,crackers,gulaal,Euphoria all over! It doesnt get any better, Incredible India!..a majestic gudbye to bappa! Mangalmurti Morya!

Useless Kalmadiji,D media Boast, ani puneri Ganeshutsav…

9.   अजय-अतुल live!! Marathi music @ its best!awsumnes!

Ek bookmarked Sandyakal for AV treat

10.   When you lose something, why does someone ask you, \”where did you put it?\” Right, because I totally remember where I put it, it just disappeared!!

I do

11.   wishes his brain could study without his assistance. 🙂

No dey didint :l

12.   Have a nice day…


13.   In relation wid a cold 1,luvin it 🙂 buddies!liebe du! !

he..he..liebe cold 1 as weell

14.   is studying with a friend named \’Boredom\’ :l


15.   Happy Independence day! Proud Indians!? Yup,reasons to suport,…patriotic,noncorupt,ethical,petty deeds dat helpd odrs,n made d place arnd a betr 1.


16.   is overdue for a Roadtrip..

n it did not happen sooner

17.   is always late, but worth the wait

‘blowing your own trumphet’

18.   friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling Awsume with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words.


19.   I may act like i don\’t mind…. But when that exceeds the limit, you\’ll experience a whole new me in a whole new manner. Bottom lyn:If its not gud 4 me,n ur d cause..Not gud 4 u…. may sound rude,but aftr things ppl du… dis is d least

sometimes Wierd things ‘friends’ do

20.   Direct taxes!!!!guest lectures r awesum 🙂

sinhgad 8am

21.   Have a nice day!


22.   Pathetic;is d word,d apex body not living up to d stature it holds in d system.disheartening:| Students seem to b der last priority…n 1st source of reserves…

ICAI useless

23.   3.5 years-A long duration??yup it is!! Come tomorow n im done with the \”Internship part\” of d CA curriculum:) 3.5 long Years:A learning curve- tedious,joyful,lots of petty fytes,fun @ client places,Computations,finalizations, Audits,n audits,n Audits,awsum colleagues arnd,dig in2 widespread subjectmatter,n lots of it more,..I think im gona miss dis place. Danke,LBL&co.


24.   ~ Behind every smile there\’s a story ~


25.   Have a nice day!


26.   Working,n working…31st deadline wrt itr\’s n Internship:) gr8 relief in sight!:)

27.   is in relationship wid a cold one.;)


28.   A dollar saved is a dime earned. The rest is taxes….:) its Season to file ur Tax returns FY2009-10; Cutoff:31st July.

29.   sometimes I\’m not everything i wish i could be, but I\’m everything i need to be, I\’m just me and i like it like that


30.   #Inception :of dreams into dreams again into dreams…3*20*60!:-P ..christopher nolans has a fresh idea to plant..aftr d bestest #Dark knight,

Christopher nolan ij legend

31.   Dis msg is sure to make u lauf, Give it a thot..de 1st man who discovered milk,whoever he was..wat d hell was he trying to do…

down der…Seriously??nothing obscene,but How???

32.   People around u dont change,its dat u get knowing them better…


33.   The only possible way to have a true friend is to be one.


34.   do what you love and love what you do… :)well dats d thing in my mind when im almost done with d Internship!!! :I 3.5 Yrs packed of Audits,numerous clients,business models,..Audit seems to be part of daily Chores….;)

Audit:Bread n Butter n butter

35.   thinks.. it\’s ironic how we ignore those who adore us, adore those who ignore us & then worse we go & love who hurt us & then we go hurting who love us..: I

:l Bad tym

36.   People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.


37.   I m lovin Facebook. it\’s the only place where I can talk to a wall and not look like an idiot.

38.   wishes that Sundays came with a pause button!

39.   Ystrday,1st heavy showers of d season..refreshing as always.. Wat better than getting caught in pouring rain @ dark,on highway,friends along☺

40.   25 Thousand kills would get 2 years of imprisonment; inspiring figures!!The Corporate Veil to blame,or the figures in IPC need revival?Whatever,not good:( Thank God DOW coundnt make it to dehu(coz DOW is what was Union Carbide den)..the neighbourhood remains safe as of now:! #bhopalgastragedyverdict

41.   The little 1s luks for its siblings☺,it wud b 100s of them together…..#TheNanoSuperdrive arrives @ pune 2mrw;The Westin Nano Carnival..

42.   Scroll all the way down to the bottom of facebook. On the bottom left corner in little blue letters,click\”English\”(your language).When the language selection appears,click \”English Pirate\” then watch what happens. You\’ve havent yet stopped laughing?,ok time out, no no dont thank me…its inherent to fb :).

43.   \”You know you\’re getting old when \’caution\’ is the only thing you exercise.\”,Set free,Get over the Fear of Unknown;get Curious☺….

44.   The Weather out here is pleasent;n dats directly related to my mood..the Advent of monsoons is soo exciting… Monsoon=more outings,trekkings,tonnes of Fun☺

45.   It Does Smell Rubber Burn @ the race tracks…racing is catching up in India,n nuthins much desi to it;thanks to VW,the one in Pune was Splendid…♦

The VW RACE,v wer witness to it


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