PuneUni exams-An students perspective

Its the 3rd semester of Mcom Exams i chose to pursue as the only viable option in parlance to Law,coz our gr8 Institute wont allow any parallel course to be done in sync wid a Biggie “The CA” for best reasons known to the INsti,n Mutual benifit of Practicing CA principals to Get ample Office time

So this is the 3rd tym i give my exams without much research or Study n make it thru easily,tho my subject mix consists of Law Spcls…..Its ageold knowledge dat the Quantum of pages written in your paper is directly proportionate to the Marks Scored,subject to the mood of the examiner then & expect dat the Uni makes no totalling errors!!

To top dis n to our surprise Papers dis tym turned out to be of 100 mks as against of 80 last sem!??M/We r still guessing if the Uni aims @ getting a favourable repute or was dis another one of the many blunders of the institition!!After an experience of B.Com[den i’d had paod no heed to frndz yelling on me all tym to write pages;paid den,cudnt get disti:l] n now @ MCom….

the importance n Hype Of a professional degree cannot be overstressed 🙂


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