๒у ∂ ωαу -“Old Mumbai-Pune Highway”

Amoung the dozens of  ‘oneday’ getaways around Pune.

Rolling stones an/around Pune plan for a drive but in dual minds as where to head? Old Pune-Mumbai highway!b d answer!

Surprised!!?? wats it about the highway for a roadtrip,driveaway??!!Just get along the highway ,it wont disappoint you for sure.

Get across d Octroi post o Nigdi,n ur holy instincts may overpower;wanting you to head Dehu‘wards to seek blessings @ d Sant Tukaram Mandir,The new Gatha Mandir,Bhandara hillock.Felt nothing of such??okie!!

Continue cruizing past dehuroad,a 10minute drive n ud like to halt few metres ahead of the ‘Shankarwadi Signpost’,dats an km b4 the 1st toll post enroute Mumbai.Its here the Base village @ d Ghoradeshwar mountain/Hill.A warm up trek coupled wid sum nice view of the Neighborhood,n a nice Shiv Mandir in a calm age old cave

Feel lyk driving long,,cuntinue,if ur a Mh14/12 pass the toll buth w/o paying[feels VIP already!!  :)]..take the next left turn,3-4 kms in n u near the replica of Shri Sai mandir in Shirdi,Dis place famous around here as Pratishirdi,Shirgoan.an atheist??,continue across the old Highway past Talegoan [u need to gulp sumthing-‘Toni da Dhaba’ is d place]Around Pavananagar u could leave the Highway n venture into a single lane road leading to Forts Tung,Tikone the vast waters of Pavana dam,onthe way back via paud the Hadshi Vitthal mandir is a Must go.

Else if still feel lyk driving along the old highway head halt only a few km b4 Lonavala Take a left to go for the Bhaje caves hosting the painstakingly created carvings o buddhist times.If the adventurist n nature lover in u manages to awaken itself,head on a long tiring all-walk trek to Lohegad or Visaspur [*Best of Maval];else take a right on the old highway to reach Karla caves n the Ekvira Mandir [Deity o the fishermen community across the MH Coast ]

Lonavala n khandala need no introduction “] -Ever crowded paradises close to pune:l

the drive ahead of lonavala leaving behind the rajmachi area is a calm one,make a diversion into the expressway for sometime n you get across bor ghat into the Industrial city of Khopoli,a road to left from the old highway leads you to Konkan/raigad/MH06 to places staring Mahad[Ashtavinayak member],Pali[Ashtavinayak member] @ the foot of Sarasgad,futher the list is big n tempting,alibaug,murud,janjira,many more

Finally,if u missed dis turn too keep driving to go to Matheran,Its a awsum weather out o ur windshield,keep cruizing n get to ‘Mumbai’.

The Old Mumbai-Pune Highway doesnt dissapoint d rolling stones around pune.n dats true..:)


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