ђεɾε เ a๓;dเร เj ๓ε

here i m,dis is my diary wid a definitive ‘e’ prefix to it…

have been for long,inspired to scribble down watever had crossed my brainbox,or that something dat made my day,dat sumthing day made me fume over the state of daily affairs,or the sumthing of the wanderlust in me,the tastebuuds screaming for attention.all of it..

good!bad!,whatever it happens randomly,n wid me it’d be more random…its d capricious ME.have experienced wat is it to b thought fully confused,with tonnes of options n none is right for you?or d feeling of Awesomeness just out of nowhere,or a sudden plunge in adrenaline to get on a drive,or just about being der in ‘middleofnowhere’ wanting to do nothing,not even the thoughts to bug you

time passess by in hours n days n weeks,n den just a tiny link out of the daily world leads to an lukback n find what?shit,dat was an unproductive tym..its d superlazy ME.lazy wouldnt b true to give d reader of d feel how deep d adjective ‘lazy’ b construed.Just about yesterday..it was planned movie time,d 9am show required to keep up the voucher coupon ready[procuring the coupon reqd calls to CC,n msg to b sent out].true to my nature..i never bothered to plug-in d vodaphun Sim in to do the needful earlier day.on D day….woke up @8,wid a prefixed meet@8.15,ignoringly hurried thru d morning chorus,moved out @ 8.20,to find out d card to b nonfunctional,rest series of runaround events followed culminating into no discounts.no delight!as i write dis i smile as i remember many of other real life instances dat wud aptly explain the procrastinating ME.m getting over it n so here i m wid my long planned venture into writing practically doing now.enuf of procrastinating now.

the newness,the raw nature,#heardalotaboutit place beckons,its mesmerizing going down  a untraveled road to a pleasure destination…its a fun weekend if its ur best frns on d budget 100cc byks [until now,now its gotto b premium >200cc’s B)] off to sum place.howsover be the ride,the food,the plce,the crib,watever..its a unfugeetable slot on the memorylane.dats vey inherent to the traveloholic ME.

its a beautiful place i live in,INDIA;the worlds largest democracy.fondly remembered by my n fellow Indians on d dates 15th & 26th.its a corrupt rule here for the aam admi to flourish in a democratic siting,the State of Maharashtra,true to its name;endowed with a majestic  cultural,economic setting, one of the vibrant peoples king of alltimes ruled dis land,its the Swarajya of” Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj”.Its the ‘detroit of east’ wid TATA just a jogging distance from my place,BAJAJ,FORCE,just to name a indigenious few..n d list continues.Its PUNE.its d Puneri ME


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